Mélotte Group has been active in the real estate development since 2008: residential, office and retail in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. The group has many achievements to its credit and a real know-how in the real estate sector.


Our goal is to offer durable projects with character that respond to the advances in urbanisation by offering quality finishing and finishes, and living areas that are both welcoming and comfortable.

By choosing central and strategic locations, our developments respond to the demands of customers looking for innovative buildings that meet the energy standards in force. We make a priority of working with local partners.


Trust has been a strong factor in our history and is fundamental to healthy, lasting human relationships. It is based on integrity, transparency and respect, which in turn is reflected by simplicity, sincerity and friendly exchanges in our daily contacts.


A founding value of the MELOTTE Group, commitment is at the very centre of our business. Demonstrating commitment means seeking to understand the needs and expectations of our customers and partners. It is also making use of our experience and our skills, deciding and acting, and delivering a result aimed at excellence to our customers.

Professional ethic

Strictly observing the most demanding code of conduct in the profession.

Being totally independent when it comes to finance, management and professionalism.

Actively contributing to the development and adoption of best practices in our business and within our environment.

Always living up to our reputation in the way we act.


Because the world is evolving, because our places of life and work must be rethought while respecting our environment, MELOTTE Group wants to design and implement more economical, more responsible, greener and more united projects.